Seattle Population By Year

Population Graph For Seattle, 1890 - 2022
Year Population Rank in US Growth Rate
2021 733,919 18 -0.6%
2020 738,172 18 1.9%
2010 608,660 23 0.8%
2000 564,092 24 0.9%
1990 516,332 21 0.4%
1980 493,846 23 -0.7%
1970 530,831 22 -0.5%
1960 557,087 19 1.8%
1950 467,591 19 2.4%
1940 368,302 22 0.1%
1930 365,583 20 1.5%
1920 315,312 20 2.9%
1910 237,194 21 11.4%
1900 80,671 48 6.5%
1890 42,837 70

Seattle Population Facts

What is the current population of Seattle?

Based on the latest 2022 data from the US census, the current population of Seattle is 733,919. Seattle, Washington is the 18th largest city in the US.

What county is Seattle, Washington in?

Seattle is located entirely in King County.

What is the size of Seattle, Washington in square miles?

Seattle has an area of 83.9 square miles. Seattle is the largest city, by area, in Washington.

What was the peak population of Seattle?

The peak population of Seattle was in 2020, when its population was 738,172. Seattle is currently 0.6% smaller than it was in 2020.

How quickly is Seattle growing?

Seattle has grown 30.1% since the 2000. Seattle, Washington is growing moderately quickly; it is growing faster than 80% of similarly sized cities since 2000.

Is Seattle the biggest city in Washington?

Yes, Seattle is the biggest city in the state of Washington based on population. The second largest city, Spokane, is 31% the size of Seattle.

What is the population density of Seattle, Washington?

Seattle has a population density of 7,250.9 people per square mile. Seattle has the 12th highest population density among large cities in the United States.

Similarly Sized Cities In US

US Rank Name Population Growth
12 Jacksonville, Florida 954,614 29.6%
13 Fort Worth, Texas 935,508 71.3%
14 Columbus, Ohio 906,528 26.6%
15 Indianapolis, Indiana 882,039 12.7%
16 Charlotte, North Carolina 879,709 54.3%
17 San Francisco, California 815,201 4.8%
18 Seattle, Washington 733,919 30.1%
19 Denver, Colorado 711,463 27.9%
20 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 687,725 35.4%
21 Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 678,851 24.3%
22 El Paso, Texas 678,415 20.1%
23 Washington, District of Columbia 670,050 17.1%
24 Boston, Massachusetts 654,776 10.8%

Seattle Demographics

What is the voting age population of Seattle, Washington?

The total voting age population of Seattle, Washington, meaning US citizens 18 or older, is 549,595. The voting age population is 50.0% male and 50.0% female.

What percentage of Seattle, Washington residents are senior citizens?

According to the latest census statistics, 12.4% of the residents of Seattle are 65 or older.

What are the racial demographics of Seattle, Washington?

The racial demographics of Seattle are 67.3% White, 15.4% Asian, 7.3% Black, 6.9% Two or more races, 2.3% Other, 0.5% American Indian and 0.3% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Additionally, 6.7% of the population identifies as Hispanic.

What percentage of Seattle, Washington residents are below the poverty line?

In Seattle, 11.0% of residents have an income below the poverty line, and the child poverty rate is 10.9%. On a per-household basis, 5.3% of families are below the poverty line in Seattle.

What percentage of Seattle, Washington residents are in the labor force?

Among those aged 16 and older, 73.6% of Seattle residents are in the labor force.

What are the education levels among Seattle, Washington residents?

Among the adult population 25 years old and over, 94.8% of Seattle residents have at least a high school degree or equivalent, 64.0% have a bachelor's degree and 27.4% have a graduate or professional degree.

What percentage of Seattle, Washington residents speak a non-English language at home?

Among Seattle residents aged 5 and older, 21.3% of them speak a non-English language at home. Broken down by language: 4.1% of residents speak Spanish at home, 4.2% speak an Indo-European language, and 10.2% speak an Asian language.

Seattle Income & Labor Statistics

What is the unemployment rate in Seattle, Washington?

The unemployment rate in Seattle is 4.1%, which is calculated among residents aged 16 or older who are in the labor force.

What percentage of Seattle, Washington residents work for the government?

In Seattle, 12.9% of the residents in the non-military labor force are employed by the local, state and federal government.

What is the median income in Seattle, Washington?

The median household income in Seattle is $92,263.

Seattle Housing & Rent Statistics

What percentage of housing units are owner-occupied in Seattle, Washington?

In Seattle, 45.7% of housing units are occupied by their owners.

What percentage of housing units are rented in Seattle, Washington?

Renters occupy 54.3% of housing units in Seattle.

What percentage of Seattle, Washington housing units were built before 1940?

Of all the housing units in Seattle, 25.2% of them were build before 1940.

What percentage of Seattle, Washington housing units were built after 2000?

In Seattle, 23.5% of the total housing units were built after the year 2000, which is approximately 83,700 units.

What is the median monthly rent in Seattle, Washington?

The median gross monthly rent payment for renters in Seattle is $1,614.

What percentage of households in Seattle, Washington have broadband internet?

In Seattle, 90.4% of households have an active broadband internet connection.

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