Macon Population By Year

Population Graph For Macon, 1990 - 2022
Year Population Rank in US Growth Rate
2010 91,351 319 -0.6%
2000 97,073 250 -0.9%
1990 106,590 186

What is the current population of Macon?

Based on the latest 2014 data from the US census, the current population of Macon is 89,981. Macon, Georgia is the 343rd largest city in the US.

What county is Macon, Georgia in?

Parts of Macon are located within Bibb County and Jones County.

What is the size of Macon, Georgia in square miles?

Macon has an area of 55.7 square miles. Macon is the 7th largest city, by area, in Georgia.

What was the peak population of Macon?

The peak population of Macon was in 1990, when its population was 106,590. In 1990, Macon was the 186th largest city in the US; now its fallen to the 343rd largest city in the US. Macon is currently 15.6% smaller than it was in 1990.

What is the population density of Macon, Georgia?

Macon has a population density of 1,639.4 people per square mile.

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